Pony Power

Hi! My name is Laura and I'm from Spain. One day I fell off a horse and I had a leg injury. It was not serious but my parents forbade me to approach a horse. Yet I still have hope that someday I escape out of this world on the back of one. Until then, I can only enjoy these wonderful animals in memories, photographs and through a screen.
But, even if it takes years... I never lose the hope: Someday I'll do what I like about the world, which is to feel free riding a horse. Enjoy the blog! <3 Here is another blog of mine dedicated to the nordic culture, vikings METAL nature and animals!! I hope you like it too!! http://chroniclessofthenorth.tumblr.com

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I have to announce that I have to leave this blog! but do not be discouraged, I made another! hahaha you can follow me here, it is not 100% equine but … http://beyondthegrayrainbow.tumblr.com/ <3


OOC. eponasland blog makes me so happy because they post horses all day~~

This is for me? The previous name of my blog was eponasland D:

Hi tumblr I’m back! Sorry, I have gone for so long but it was broken inside and had to fix myself, now back harder because horses are everything to me and I want this blog to see that it is! <3


El Dorado Gold Chain, a 1993 buckskin tobiano Saddlebred stallion. 
(Jezabelle’s Modern Rex x Sunshine Cookie)

The Blade in the Mist by must love horses on Flickr.

Madonna and Harrier, 2009

Raggen, 2009